[FANACC] Leo came to see his daddies!

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16th October 2009, 4 years ago today.

Seungho’s first birthday as an MBLAQ member.


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[FANACCOUNT] MBLAQ @ Sohae University Festival

I’m writing this on my phone so pardon any mistakes…

My friends and I were able to get front row seats when we got to the venue. I was pleasantly surprised that there were actual seats (last school festival concert I attended, to see Verbal Jint and Bumkey, didn’t have any). So we sat down and I quickly got my camera and MBLAQ cloth banner (c/o absolutemblaq) out of my bag. I turned on my cam…and felt like ripping my hair out.

There was no memory card.

Stupid me forgot to put it back after I had uploaded my pics of the Verbal Jint concert. OTL

So now I was down to my phone that had only 20% of battery life left. 20%. This is MBLAQ and 20% isn’t gonna cut it. ㅠㅠ  I felt like everything was against me at that point and thought it couldn’t get worse, right?


I suddenly feel someone tapping my arm really excitedly. I look beside me and see one of my little munchkins in my 1st grade class beaming at me.

Oh shittyshittaloofrackamazee.

Turns out she and her sister are A+s too! If not for the fact that I was facing a dilemma between acting the calm and responsible teacher that she’s always thought of me as and letting my inner fangirl roam wild and free (it’s MBLAQ for crying out loud!!!), I would’ve been more ecstatic at her proclamation: “Teacher! Me too! Seungho ahjussi!” (Sweetheart, you’re getting 100 stickers in our next class for your damn fine taste.)

So there I was: no camera, a dying phone, and someone’s innocence to protect. But since bad things come in 3s, I’d already paid my dues. And it went from shitastic to AWESOME.

Suddenly, about 30 people dressed in black suits started filing in and standing guard in front of the stage. You could feel the energy starting to ripple through the crowd. It was pretty dead before that cos the MC was just giving out prizes to the raffle winners. And then about 10 minutes later, people started screaming and jumping from their seats.


They were quickly ushered across the field and into a tent. The poor MC had to scream into the mic to get our attention back cos people were just chanting for MBLAQ at that point. And then finally, after what seemed like forever, MBLAQ took the stage.

OMGGGGGGG THEY LOOKED SO GORGEOUS. So I’ve seen them a bunch of times already but man oh man they still manage to take my breath away.

I tried to stay seated cos that’s what the MC told us but pffft fangirls behind me were so damn thirsty and started pushing to the front so…sorry, MC. But really I mean, come on, it’s a concert. And it’s MBLAQ! You can only hold in your feels for so long.

The boys were wearing different styles of all-black outfits holy fuuuuuuu they looked amazing! And we were so close!! ABSBDJDBAKAKBAJAHDBD. I was holding the banner and when they did their intro, G.O squinted at what it said (cos it was in English and it had ‘INTERNATIONAL A+’ on it—REPRESENT! ;)), smiled, and waved at us! AHSVEHSBAJJSBDJD. Then Joon ACTUALLY POINTED AT US AND HE LOOKED SO HAPPILY SURPRISED ABDJDKWBSJSVS THE PRECIOUSNESS OF HIS FACE I CANNOT AHDVDJDABWBWJSBW. And Thunder also nodded and smiled.

They did Smoky Girl and I just about died cos that was the first time I’d seen them perform it in person! Holy shiiiiiit Seungho’s body rolls!!! /DEADOHSODEAD

They also performed Celebrate, Mona Lisa, and This is War.

Mir was so cute during the part in This is War where they line up and Jooniepoo the Precious Sunshine gets shot. He was acting all cutesy in front of Thunder to make him laugh, which also made Seungho laugh. Ahhh it was just adorable!!!

For the encore, they did Oh Yeah. And OMG so they went down the stage to go to us fans and holy shitznitzkiefamapaloo. I got squished between the guards that were pushing us back and the girls behind me who still didn’t get the bucket of water (actually no, they needed the whole damn ocean to quench the thirst man) they needed. Mir and Seungho came to our side and sweet Mireu wanted to shake hands with the fans but when he saw how crazy it got he pulled back cos the guards were having a hard time and one of them was a woman. Joon went down the middle and G.O and Thunder to the other side.

After it ended the poor babies had to run back to the building cos the fans were literally chasing them. I’m so glad the security detail was tight.

While it may have been crazy and chaotic, I’m still glad for the boys. You could really see on their faces how much fun they had with all the screaming and spazzing that went on. Joon and Mir especially. They were just beaming. :’) Mir was waving to the fans and smiling so much!

I don’t know if I should share my fanvids cos of the swearing in them (I just couldn’t help it sobs). Don’t worry, my little munchkins were not anywhere near me during these moments. ;)


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Seungho (cuckoo) + Mir’s (flute) fart sound 

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